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Ruby Gems のバージョンが 1.6.0 になってました | your community gem host

最近は Ruby にあんまり触れてないけれど、とりあえずバージョンアップしておきました。


$ gem install rubygems-update # again, might need to be admin/root
$ update_rubygems


Download RubyGems | | your community gem host


$ gem update --system


おまけ :: Windows の log
4 Deprecations:

* RubyGems no longer requires 'thread'.  Rails < 3 will need to add require
  'thread' to their applications.
* Gem.cache is deprecated.  Use Gem.source_index.
* RbConfig.datadir is deprecated.  Use Gem.datadir.
* Gem::LoadError#version_requirements has been removed.  Use

2 Major Enhancements:

* Rewrote how Gem::activate (gem and require) resolves dependencies.
* Gem::LoadError#version_requirement has been removed. Use

17 Minor Enhancments:

* Added --key to `gem push` for setting alternate API keys.
* Added --format-executable support to gem uninstall.
* Added Gem::DependencyList#clear.
* Added Gem::DependencyList#remove_specs_unsatisfied_by
* Added Gem.latest_spec_for, latest_version_for, and latest_rubygems_version.
* Added Gem::Dependency#merge which merges requirements for two
* Added Gem::TestCase#util_spec for faster tests.
* Added Gem::Specification#dependent_specs.
* Added Gem::TestCase#new_spec and Gem::TestCase#install_specs.
* Added flag to include prerelease gems in Gem::SourceIndex#latest_specs.
* Gem.cache_dir always references the proper cache dir.
  Pass true to support a user path.
* Gem.cache_gem, given a filename always references the cache gem.
  Pass true to support a user path.
* Added Gem::Specification#conflicts
* Removed rdoc gem/require from test_case.rb.
* Rubygems will no longer let you push if you're using beta or unreleased
* Save RAM / GC churn by removing spec.files and rdoc options from
  locally cached gem specifications.
* SpecFetcher.fetch_spec can now take a string source_uri.

10 Bug Fixes:

* Added missing require of Gem::RemoteFetcher to the unpack command.
* RubyGems now completely removes a previous install when reinstalling.
* Fixed Gem::Installer#generate_bin to only chmod files that exist.
* Fixed handling of Windows style file:/// uris.
* Fixed requires in tests. (shota)
* Fixed script generation on Windows.
* Fixed test issues if you have older rubygems installed.
* Gem::DependencyInstaller tests use Gem::Security, add the missing require.
* Gem::Security used FileUtils but didn't require it.  Reported by Elia Schito
* Gem::Uninstaller now respects --format-executable.


RubyGems installed the following executables:

c:\Ruby192\bin>gem -v